Sicore is the 3rd episode in the series.

Plot synopsis Edit

Whenever Dina's making, she's making a poisoned cake. You may know that she doesn't cook as Mico, she is not great. Sicored has ordered more than a great one, it was more than the one with a part. Here is a baking test from the poisoned cake scene where compares Mico's cake mix to turn her cake into a deadly devil's food, why could'nt she tickle Chocolate with Mico and Carry. Even when this episode may look cringy, I do think that was a kind of different than ever before. As Dina's poisoned mix was dipped into the mix, it would make easy how Bargain Community Center isn't a community center anymore. So Sicored is more simular that we ever expect some ever great sequence than we ever think about, it was an odd episode. It was a wierd begenning, man I ever blew up. That is the start.

Appearances Edit

Characters you know

  • Carry The Teenage Female Skunk
  • Chocolate The Teenage Female Bear
  • Mico The Teenage Female Fox
  • Dina The Teenage Female Dog

Notes & trivia Edit

  • Why does Dina make a poisoned cake
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