Sattalronds is the 1st episode in the series.

Plot synopsis Edit

In Sattalronds, Dina pulls Carry in the hair. How we ever know that episode is great, we ever know how that episode is more different than that one. The way we know this episode is more simular than and we knew how that one more than that time. We knew how Carry can order to wake up in each morning, and Dina wakes her up. We ever think this episode is more simular. But when Carry wakes up, she was told by Dina, but in this episode, Dina pulls her right off of her bed. That was a total moment from here, it was a wierd idea. However we expected that this is the same. And what Sattalronds is more commonating, we do know what Carry may look, she was so dissapointing, but for Dina, she wakes her up. I knew how she commands Carry to wake up, and that is why Dina is great. This episode's part has more expected to be interested, that may look more different than we ever expected about the part. It was a total moment that this time we ever know, we expected to be the most way for that odd moment together. Harhar, Dina pulls Carry in the hair. Do you know Carry has white hair, she looks so simular than Dina, Mico and Chocolate. Funny way that Dina's hair is on her hair and all over her eyes like a mask, she has been so groopy than a girl. That's why.

Appearances Edit

Two characters

  • Carry The Teenage Female Skunk
  • Dina The Teenage Female Dog

Notes & trivia Edit

  • Why did Dina pill Carry off her bed
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