Cops Sprayed is the 2nd episode in the series.

Plot synopsis Edit

In Corps Sprayed, Carry knows Chocolate is wierd, she is funny. Chocolate is so popular to Carry, she manages her creeps together this time. This episode makes sense, it was devited for fun reasons at any time. That is how Carry looks very impressive, but then how Chocolate looks the same to her. I finally expand how the episode can look, and that way Corps Sprayed can stand with it. Man I ever blew this episode, I find it more wierd. Very familiar when Carry and Chocolate can look like, they both be great than everyone. I can spand how the episode can look more interesting than anything else, I felt it more awesome. Very great as I know how easy they look like, I know why they look the same. You may consiter this, the episode is more commontating. But I persume that Chocolate is kind of impressive than that way, Chocolate and Carry do know the impressive new impossative way than ever. These two girls look interesting, but they both belong to the teen group. How is that possible, they were the same.

Appearances Edit

The character can look the great

  • Carry The Teenage Female Skunk
  • Chocolate The Teenage Female Bear
  • Mico The Teenage Female Fox
  • Dina The Teenage Female Dog

Notes & trivia Edit

  • Why is Chocolate the same
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